Three pedals and four gears, it's the stuff of legend in the world of early Corvettes. If you have the big-block with three-deuces, you can even relate to the old Beach Boys song featuring the line "three-deuces and a four-speed. At first, a four-speed gearbox was considered, but as we know, the times they are a changing and today the four-speed tranny has gone the way of surfer music.

Doing that with an original four-speed tranny generally means you're spinning that vintage engine pretty good just to keep up with traffic.

One solution is to change the rear gear to a taller lower numerically gear so you can cruise at higher speeds and lower engine rpm. That's fine, but then you sacrifice that all-satisfying low-end performance. Launching the car in First gear is no longer the exhilarating experience directly associated with Corvette performance. It should be mentioned they manufacture similar kits for C1 and C2 Corvettes. American Powertrain takes a brand-new TREMEC five-speed transmission and modifies the rear housing to locate the shifter exactly through the original C3 shifter opening in the console.

Gone are the days of an old Hurst shifter coming out the side of the tranny tunnel and rubbing your leg; this package fits. But the cool features don't stop there. American Powertrain also has a shift handle that looks like a factory Corvette piece, so the interior of the car retains that factory original appearance. They also include a new console shift pattern plate to show the new five-speed pattern.

Since we were converting our automatic transmission C3 to a manual shift we also turned to American Powertrain for the clutch assembly and pedal assembly.

Speaking of factory appearance, our C3 had been "resting" for almost 30 years so the interior appointments were, shall we say, "stale. So now, not only do we have a brand-new five-speed transmission to deliver new-car performance, we have the interior pieces to make the car look new as well. We stopped by the American Powertrain headquarters and followed along as they modified the brand-new TREMEC five-speed specifically for the C3 Corvette they can adapt this transmission to other year Corvettes, too.

The conversion is interesting with some unique machine work done on the tailshaft housing this housing is referred to as the "extension housing" in TREMEC manuals to locate the shifter in the proper location.

After the American Powertrain five-speed arrived at Hot Rods by Dean their team of experts had it installed in no time.

What made it so simple was the complete American Powertrain kit. The boxes arrived at Hot Rods by Dean complete with the modified transmission; a new, proper length driveshaft; powdercoated transmission mounting bracket; transmission mount; pilot bearing; backup light wiring harness; speedometer conversion mechanical or electronic and the aforementioned console shift pattern plate. We also ordered the optional Corvette-style shift handle. With the new five-speed installed we have a Corvette that launches hard and still cruises at highway speeds with ease.

It truly is the best of both worlds; with one hand on the vintage-style shifter, mixing the modern gears below, ya gotta love it. Gerry Burger Writer. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.The arrival of the Chevy Corvette came on the heels of another fuel crisis that had impacted the American automotive market — and, more generally, the national economy — as a whole. Much like the fuel crisis of the early seventies, when the Arab Oil Embargo had cutoff petroleum exports to many parts of the world, a second energy crisis had emerged after the Shah of Iran was overthrown during a revolution that had occurred in that country — and the results were nearly the same.

CAFE had aimed to improve the average fuel economy of cars and light trucks sold throughout the U. Now, given the continued upheaval in the Middle East and the resulting increase to petroleum prices, new CAFE standards were being implemented. In response to the CAFE mandate, Chevrolet decided that the first-stage of trimming back the Corvette would mean the elimination of some pounds from the current design.

As a start, the differential housing and front-frame cross-member were switched from steel to aluminum. Similarly, the aluminum intake manifold that had been previously used on the optional L82 engine was now included on the base L48 engine as well. Externally, engineers trimmed weight by using lower density roof panels, and by reducing the material thickness of the hood and the outer door skins.

Exterior chrome was kept to a minimum, which meant the elimination of the crossed-flag emblems from the front fenders. Lastly, greater use was made of plastics throughout the car on everything from interior trim components to sub-assemblies in seats, and so on. In addition to weight reduction measures, engineers also focused on getting the Corvette to produce better overall gas mileage results.

The previously optional front and rear spoilers were reshaped and made an integral part of the bodywork. Additionally, the front grilled was raked back slightly. As a result of these changes, the coefficient of drag Cd fell from 0. While this number was still not optimal, it was a notable improvement nonetheless. Additionally, urethane was applied during the molding of the body panels forward of the firewall and was also applied to the roof panels.

This application resulted in improved surface quality, which also helped in the reduction of drag. Mechanically, the Corvette suffered some because of increasingly stringent emissions regulations. Worse was the impact that California emission standards had on the Corvette. However, the California version of this engine came equipped with stainless-steel tubular exhaust headers, a computer command control system that mixture and ignition timing on demand, and an oxygen sensor in a closed loop system.

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Given these improvements, and in spite of its lower displacement and more stringent emissions requirements, the Corvette ci engine still managed to produce horsepower — which was just 10HP less than the standard L The only engine that actually benefited from the on-going changes to the engine program in was the L82which actually picked up an additional five horsepower, boosting its overall rating to horsepower.

However, even the L82 had restrictions placed upon it, as the optional 4-speed manual transmission was no longer available to consumers when ordering a Corvette with the more robust engine though it is believed that some early models did come equipped with this combination. As such, would be the last year that the optional L82 engine was offered. Outwardly, the Corvette received few design changes, save for the aforementioned front and rear spoilers, the raked back grill, and the removal of the Corvette emblems from the side fenders.

However, the Corvette emblem itself was modified some, and now featured a new, more elongated design.

1976 C3 Chevrolet Corvette: Specifications, VIN, Options, Performance, Recalls, & More

Additionally, the hood featured a lower profile, and new cornering and taillights were introduced. Inwardly, a number of other changes were implemented, many of which were the result of either Federal requirements or the need to make cosmetic changes as a result of functional improvement. To start, the speedometers of all Corvettes now showed a maximum speed of just 85 miles per hour.

Although this change had started being phased in to the Corvette in some of the late production models, it was now a Federal requirement for all models — presumably in response to the newly imposed 55 miles-per-hour mandatory speed limit that had been put in place on interstates across the country. Also, the rear storage compartments were changed from a three-lid to a two-lid design in Any use of the Corvette name at this site is used only as a point of reference to their automobiles or automotive products line of the same name.

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Your browser does not support iframes. Moderator: Artsvettes. Pages: 1. Send Topic Print. Read times. I would like to change my 78 from auto to stick. Any advice would be appreciated. Back to top. IP Logged. Quote: I would like to change my 78 from auto to stick. The rest of the gears are about the same the has a slightly taller 4th -- but both will work great on the highway.

The 's should be used with 3. This makes sense to me in that the low first gear in the would help launch these cars off the line quicker. Annivette, keep us posted as to how the conversion goes for ya.

c3 corvette 4 speed automatic

I might be interested in doing the same thing. I would like to know just how much work it takes to do so. Please keep us posted as to how it goes. I too am considering trading in my TH for a 4 speed standard. But am wondering on just how much work is involved and if I can get all the parts to make it look and run right.Bythe United States economy was on the mend from the — global economic recession.

The recession, which had been caused in part by the oil crisis, had caused gas prices to soar which, in turn, had made automotive manufacturers begin re-evaluating the types of vehicles they were manufacturing.

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It had led to the end of the big-block engine era for Chevroletand had further influenced the decision being made by automotive manufacturers everywhere to increase fuel economy at all costs — even if it meant a loss in horsepower as a result. However bad the prognosis had looked just a year earlier, had seen President Jimmy Carter come into office and with him, an eventual economic stimulus package that would re-strengthen a diminished economy.

c3 corvette 4 speed automatic

It was a gamble that would prove to pay off. Stylistically, the Corvette was the best looking of the C3 Corvettes to date. While the changes to the exterior were minor, they were significant from an aesthetics standpoint. To start, the air-extractor vents were removed from the rear deck.

In place of the cowl flap, a simpler system was developed that rammed in airflow through a duct that ran forward over the radiator support to pick up some of the outside air that fed the radiator. Even though the cowl-induction system had been eliminated forthe intake grille remained for another year, and would not be deleted until Perhaps the most notable change for was the re-introduction of the aluminum wheels that had first been introduced in The wheels were manufactured by Kelsey Hayes in Mexico and could be identified by the source and build location information etched on their inside surface.

The interiors of the Corvette were largely unchanged from the previous year with one, notable exception. Beneath the car, a partial steel subsection was added to the forward body structure. While the catalytic converter was a concern to some engineers, it was actually a benefit to others. As a result of the catalytic converter being installed, the horsepower rating of the Corvette actually increased slightly.

The L48 engine saw an increase of 15 horses, pushing its total horsepower to bhp. The L82 increased up to bhp. Four-speed manual transmissions were also banned out west for those same model years. Interestingly, an automatic transmission was the only option available to Californians in and Instead, Chevrolet mandated use of the less robust TH automatic transmission. This choice was made because product planners felt that using the more expensive transmission was overkill, especially given the limited amount of power that the L48 engine produced.

The TH remained the transmission of choice whenever a Corvette equipped with the L82 was ordered with an automatic transmission. Elsewhere, there were other mechanical revisions to the C3 that also helped improve performance, helped reduce weight and further helped the horsepower boost experienced on the Corvette.

Power steering and power brakes became standard on all Corvettes midway through production though early-production Corvettes hit the streets without power steering. Chevrolet introduced a lighter by approximately 13 pounds Delco Freedom battery as standard piece of equipment.

Since pull air through an intake that was located in front of and above the radiator instead of at a more restrictive cowl located near the windshield, the Corvette could now breathe more easily.

It had increased over the previous model years because of the sharp inflation that had plagued consumers since the start of the global energy crisis in Still, although the price of the Corvette was at an all-time high, the new Corvette was still in high demand, as reflected in the fact that Chevrolet sold 46, units that year, breaking the previous sales record set in It has been debated that this continued increase in Corvette sales in was a direct result of the energy crisis earlier in the decade.

Many automotive manufacturers had eliminated their performance-car production lines completely, forcing consumers to turn to Chevrolet and the Corvette as a result. See Also. Type and Description: Independent, SLA type, coil springs with center mounted shock absorbers, spherical joint steering knuckle pivots.View Cart Checkout.

1980 C3 Chevrolet Corvette: Specifications, VIN, Options, Performance, Recalls, & More

Are you looking for an extra gear in your Corvette? With fresh stock body mounts, the TKO will clear the tunnel. The main case has been CNC machines to remove all necessary tabs and ribs. Our side mounted low profile shifter places the lever in the stock location. Shifter linkage remains enclosed keeping dirt out and allowing the oil to remain in the shift box.

Shifting quality is short and confident. Corvette equipped with a M21 rock crusher the TKO will slip right in. If not, we offer a complete line of 26 spline clutch sets for both Mechanical and hydraulic clutch release. MDL Corvette package is as compete as you want to be.

We listen to our customer and discuss provide a custom quote that meets your project. Our packages can included everything from the crank back to the differential. Our product line allows us to keep your Corvette looking stock but perform like a modern day muscle. Only you will know the five speed is there. When converting from an automatic to a TKO five speed, a complete conversion is built for you.

In just Minutes, we will ask you a series of questions to build you a detailed quote. The result is a double-overdrive transmission that easily tolerates up to lb-ft. Due to its brute strength, the Magnum is the largest Tremec transmission in the lineup. Being much larger than the stock four speed, the tunnel needs to be enlarged.

MDL offers up a form fitting fiber glass tunnel panel that is glassed into the body. T56 Service Manual. Skip to content.

Used Corvette Project Cars for Sale

Facebook Instagram. Description Description. Modern Driveline has the five speed for your C3 Corvette that bolts right in.When you bought your Corvette, did you luck out and get the transmission of your choice?

In my case I did not. There were so many other desirable selling features of this car when I purchased it that I decided I could live with the original TH automatic. Never in a thousand years did I ever think that I would consider converting this car from automatic to standard shift. While surfing the net one day, I came across a kit for converting an automatic to 5-speed standard.

The kit included everything from the clutch pedal assembly to the drive shaft and everything in between. These kits are assembled by a few different companies who are authorized distributors for Tremec transmissions. Although these kits are available from third parties I highly recommend that you deal directly with a respected distributor.

My purchase decision was based on four factors:.

Regular Car Reviews: 1979 Corvette C3

Desire to lower engine RPMs in an effort to extend drive train longevity. Desire to lower the noise level in the cockpit without giving up my side pipes. I have documented the entire installation process with dialog as well as pictures. The installation went fairly smoothly, however, I learned that all C3 installations are not the same.

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Differences in body construction from one year to the next brings little challenges with the installation. The installation that I am documenting here is for a early production car - Dec 06, This is a low mileage, California car with its original paint and spotless chassis. The first thing you need to do is to carefully unpack all the parts you received and do an inventory to ensure that everything is there. I was missing the rear transmission mounting bracket and a few odd pieces for the clutch linkage assembly.

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A quick call to the distributor had those parts on their way in a flash. If your engine still has all the chrome radio suppression conduit covering your distributor and wires, you will need to remove the rear sections. At some point the engine will be tipping back on the mounts and you do not want to damage your conduit.

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Also you will want the extra room to remove the upper two bell housing bolts. It is easier to remove those bolts first before you start working under the car. During reassembly you will have lots of room to install those bolts from below. I drained the transmission before removing it although you may chose not to do that.

You will need to disconnect the transmission cooling lines, speedometer cable, shift cable, down shift cable from the carburetor and modulator line from the vacuum port on the intake. You will need to block that port off since you will no longer need it.

The kit does not include the fittings to plug the holes in your radiator where you removed the lines. It also does not include a cap for your vacuum fitting.

You will now need to detach the driveshaft from the front yoke and the differential and then remove it. You will have a new driveshaft so you can store the original one away. You will probably want to leave the yoke in the transmission especially if you did not drain the fluid. Remove the inspection cover from the bottom of the transmission bell housing.

c3 corvette 4 speed automatic

Remove the bolts holding the torque converter to the flex plate.This page features C3 Stingray Corvettes, the beginning of the Stingray era. We may have one in stock and not have it online yet or there may be a Corvette from the C3 Chrome Bumper era we are in the process of acquiring. This is where you would find C3 Corvettes with the LT-1 engine option. Upper and lower control arm bushings, upper and lower ball joints, front springs, e.

Just in time for summer cruising, this blue blue stingray is one sharp ride and will make someone a fun chrome bumper driver. This C3 Corvette was. This Stingray Corvette drives like new! A black top convertible in Ontario Orange has one of our favorite color schemes. With only 61, miles. A T Top with the rare LT1 package makes it a favorite among collectors.

Its white convertible top and rare LT1 package makes it one of our personal. With less than LT1 Convertibles built, this is a rare classic Corvette.

The C3 Corvette T Top has the. One of our favorite classic Corvettes, this Bridgehampton Blue Corvette Convertible has a ton of power! A very, very rare C3 Corvette. One of the most iconic designs of the C3 Corvette era, this Blue Mako Shark Corvette Convertible has 53, original miles, a 4spd transmission.

The Corvette was the first year for the Mako Shark body style. This design was inspired by an actual Mako Shark on a fishing trip. Being the first, it also had some kinks needing to be worked out in One of the most often noted design flaws from early buyers was the lack of interior space for the driver.

This flaw would be remedied in A unique non-feature of theis the lack of the Stingray or Sting Ray moniker.

TREMEC Five-Speed for Your C3 Corvette

The Vette was chock full of reworks and redesigns. The interior of the Corvette saw a functional redesign giving drivers and passengers more room. Also, the door handle was redesigned to allow for opening the door with either right or left hand on either side of the car. With this goal in mind, many aesthetic upgrades were made.

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In addition, The interior will be even roomier and comfier than as designers continued to tweak for comfort of the driver and passenger. In Corvettesbig block engines increased from to cubic inches and the powerful HP LT1 small block engine made its debut. So this is something you will want to keep your eye out for in a Corvette! However, both years saw a fair share of removals. The Corvette will be the last Corvette to feature both a front and rear chrome bumper, as rubber bumpers are introduced in Over these two years, new regulations ushered in significant engine redesigns.

Because of this, you may see less power in a later Corvette. However, Corvette still maintained the status of a racecar favorite. However, If engine options and output are number one on your shopping list, you may want to consider a Corvette.

Overall, these five years ushered in our favorite generation of Chevrolet Corvettes.

c3 corvette 4 speed automatic

We saw a unique and sleek Corvette redesign introducing the sharkesque style. We also saw a functional redesign of engines and mechanics, allowing Chevrolet to meet necessary regulations while maintaining the sleek and fast Corvette reputation. Follow Follow Follow Follow Follow. Your Worldwide C3 Corvette Dealer.