All Postings that advertise items for sale will be deleted from the Discussion Forum. You may post sale items for free in the Classifieds section. Sign up now. Seeking wiring diagram. Recess flourescent lighthas no 12v power. Traced circuit using 'electrical toner' butno help?? There are 3 recessed flourescent light 12v in the ceiling. The rear flourescent light has no 12v power.

I purchased a tone tracer and traced the purple power wire to the slide, above the lav, down under tothe basement cabinet, and down to the basement campartmentlights. These lights work and has 12v power. I also found the purple wire under the lav cabinet by removing bottom bank of drawer. I am at a dead-end. Need wiring diagram for fleet wood Med Ford mobile home.

fleetwood prowler power converter location

Lost power cannot fix. No 12 volt to main switch I here the clicking under the dash. There's power on both sided with a test light So I think it's 12volts I need wiring diagrams of Fleetwood Southwind 24'Motor home. Can anyone help? Electrical outlets in bedroom and at tv are dead breakers all look ok any suggestions. I need a wiring diagram for a fleetwood 26ft Tioga montara.

How would I trouble shoot this. We are in need of a wiring schematic for the water pump for the latch switch. Thank you. Need to know if there is an in-line fuse not on the panels or why there is no juice at the generator.

Need a fuse box diagram for the box under the driver's side dash. Replaced all house batteries Can not get them hooked up Need diagram. I need the complete wiring diagram for a Late Fleetwood Prowler 26T, please.Trace your power converter problem.

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Most RVs have two independent electrical systems running side-by-side throughout the vehicle. The VAC system powers the high-draw utilities such as the air conditioner, microwave oven and television. The 12VDC system supplies power to the vehicle using batteries to run the dashboard systems and most lighting.

When parked, a power converter transforms a portion of the incoming VAC power to 12VDC to run those systems and keep the RV's batteries fully charged. It is possible to troubleshoot a malfunctioning power converter in several ways.

If not sure that there is VAC power being received, try using a circuit checker such as a ground fault circuit interrupter on the main or primary power outlet of the pedestal output.

If not registering VAC, make sure to contact the site management. Open the electrical circuit breaker panel, generally located next to the 12VDC battery bank. First, open all circuit breakers, starting with the main input breaker.

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Next, close all circuit breakers ending with the main input breaker. Disconnect the VAC power from the pedestal. Remove the electrical panel screws with a screwdriver and pull out the panel. Check the back for acid accumulation on the connector tabs and wire terminals. Clean with 12 ounces of water mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda. Don't forget to make sure all surfaces are dry before restoring power. Leading out of the power converter housing are a number of wires with inline fuses; the number depends on the size of the RV.

Open and check each of these fuses for continuity. Replace any blown fuses with the same voltage and amperage. Look for the battery cutoff switch, located near the batteries, usually on the wall of the battery compartment. If none of these measures are successful, it may be necessary to replace the power converter.

Carefully examine the power converter housing with the VAC power disconnected. A blown converter often shows signs of scorching or white flaky acid accumulation.Question: I have a fema fleetwood travel trailer. When I first bought it, no problems. Now the 12v lights go out, stay out for 5 to 15 minutes, then come on again. This is random. Any ideas on what this is? There are battery wires behind the propane tanks, but no battery. Robbie: You're using your 12V system relying directly off the converter to get power.

RV Walk-Thru: Water Systems - Learn how the water systems work on your RV.

It sound to me like the transformer in your converter is getting hot and tripping off. I think you're going to find you will have to replace the converter. But I would try hooking up a battery back on the front as it should be all the time. RV converters are designed to have a battery in the system.

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There are some Park Model Converters designed to use without a battery but there are very few of these systems out there. Hope this helps you.

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fleetwood prowler power converter location

Needs slide motor but can easily be operated manually. Good tire. New spare.

fleetwood prowler power converter location

Model Prowler. Clean and well maintained. Includes stabilizing hitch and sway control bar. Queen bed and, both kitchen table and couch fold into beds. Large pop out, sleeps 6 comfortably. Call Matt at Stored in Montclair. Must see to appreciate. East tow, towed with v-6 Toyota. Trailer located in Prescott, Arizona. Unit comes furnished and is move in ready. New Awning!

How to Wire a Prowler Camper

Twin slides! Interior is clean. Includes two Factory Lazy Boy recliners and a ceiling fan. Absolutely everything works. Tires have lots of life left in them.

This coach is ready to use. Twin propane tanks and lots of storage. Start making your memories now!! Model Prowler 24'. This is a 24' Prowler Travel Trailer with a rear bathroom that sleeps and weighs 4,lbs! This is a clean nice starter camper that has leaked in the bathroom area floor and around the pass through storage on the front. All of the appliances work, awning works and canvas is in good condition, roof has been resealed.All Postings that advertise items for sale will be deleted from the Discussion Forum.

You may post sale items for free in the Classifieds section. Sign up now. Looking for wiring schematic for a Fleetwood wilderness 21 5B travel trailer Re: location of 12 volt fuse box in fleetwood mallard mike D. Can you help me with this? Thank you! The water heater doesn't work correctly. Wondering if you knew what they were for? I have one for a 31z, Wilderness Fleetwood. When the battery gets low I have an audible alarm that comes on and it will not allow my roof air conditioner to run.

I need to locate my power converter to find out what it is putting out when I am plugged in. I think I may need to replace the power converter so any assistance on locating the power converter will be greatly appreciated. Do you know where I can find this?

This is a 30' wildernes Yukon travel trailer.

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I've changed the bulbs,checked sockets and found no power to the fixtures but I have power to the plugs. Individual bulbs have tested o. Any guidance would be appreciated, Thanks Jim B. Anyone know where one might be down loaded from? Rear inside and bathroom lights doesnt work. It had rodents chew through a section of wire harnesses under the floor. I need a wiring diagram to repair it. How can I get one? Any clues? We took it to a shop, but they just updates the propane tank, checked everything over, and told us to take it to an elsectrian.

Needs to say several years down the road, and we still have no power, or furnace. The furnace works on pilot, but nothing else. All the gas works.

fleetwood prowler power converter location

We too need to know if there is something we can check to see where the problem is without hiring an electrician? It would be placed adjacent to the front door, near the fire extinguisher.

It is small - app.All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Where is the inverter box in a prowler trailer? Wiki User You did not provide a Model Number so my answer will need to be general. Find the 12 volt fuse panel, the converter will be beside it in a void space you will need to remove a screwed on cover or the range to get to.

Sometimes the cover is a closet bottom. Many times the converter is mounted on the roof or wall of this void space and will be difficult to reach.

Once you have found it, we often we cut the wires and abandon the old one and install the new one where we can actually check the fuses and such. Related Questions Asked in Cadillac Fleetwood Where can you find the layout of the fuse box and Power Distribution box for fleetwood prowler travel trailer?

A straight box truck is not considered a trailer. The movie trailer for 'American Pie' was originally released on July 9, worldwide. The film was a box-office hit and has spawned four sequels since the original. Asked in Care of Horses What vehicle carries horses? A horse box or horse trailer. Fuse 7 - 20 amp maxi-fuse - for trailer park lamp and trailer stop lamp. The relay is in the power distribution box in the engine compartment on the driver side.

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There are two white relay next to each other one is trailer tail lights the other is trailer back up lights. The tail light relay is the one closest to the firewall.Using commonsense RV distribution center troubleshooting methods can narrow down the possibilities, helping you to figure out exactly what kind of repairs you need. RV distribution center troubleshooting can show whether the electrical problem is in the wiring or the outlet itself or instead in the circuit breakers, which service the electrical system that feeds into your appliance.

Who knows, the problem might be at the source in the campground or storage facility. Doing the diagnosing and repair on your own can eliminate expensive repair visits, ferreting out small problems you can fix yourself. In this video, RV maintenance and repair expert Dave Solberg walks you through the process of RV distribution center troubleshooting.

Specialized testers are important in checking circuits, and Dave shows you how to safely ground these testers to avoid sparking and shocks. Tracking down the power through the RV will tell you exactly where the problem resides, which may save you hundreds of dollars in bills from needless repair visits. Use a non-contact voltage tester to ensure volts are coursing in the circuit breakers by removing the panel and clamping onto a ground surface.

If all is good in the center, you should go to the appliance s giving you trouble. If power is flowing, the issue could be in the appliance itself. You can verify this by checking the status of other v outlets.

Next, Dave inspects power in the microwave. He says that most outlets located near water sources are ganged to a ground-fault circuit interrupter. Should this be the case for your appliance, he recommends testing whether other circuits are connected. In the bedroom or bathroom, for example. So we know that these outlets are ganged, and we might have our problem.

We have a full library of videos that can help you repair and maintain your RV electrical systemsincluding a distribution center overview that gives you a quick rundown of the center. Click here to cancel reply. I have the older model electrical box. My circuit breakers are all on. The fuses appear to be fine. My lights throughout the trailer are very dim and the exhaust fans are running slow. My husband who is away at the time says the batteries may not be being charged from the converter box.

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If so, what do I do to check this and how would I go about ordering and replacing this?